Sustained savings led to opening community creche for beneficiary in Dowa

  • 20th May 2022
  • Category: Impact Stories

From the outskirts of Mtateni village lives Mr Milioni, a beneficiary of the Social Cash Transfers Programme (SCTP) since 2018. Mr Millioni heads a six-member household.

Before being selected for the program, the household was living in a thatch roofed-earthen brick house where currently stands a pig khola.

The household members were surviving on selling burnt bricks, a business which could not sustain their most basic needs or afford them the chance to send their children to school, as sales were not often.

After receiving the first payment from the SCTP in 2018, Mr Milioni decided to give the full amount to his wife so that she could join a Community Investment and Savings Promotion (COMSIP) group.

Hereafter, they started saving all the money they were receiving from the SCTP through the COMSIP group year after year.

At the end of the first year of savings, they managed to get MWK250,000 which they used to build a brick house with iron sheet roofing, and a cement floor.

In addition, they have been able to send their last two children to school as well as purchase hybrid pigs which they plan to multiply and sell in the future. Currently, their second from last born son runs a community cre?che in their new home.

Mr and Mrs Millioni envision opening a small tuck shop in their community within Dowa district to be bringing in funds when the SCTP comes to an end.

Dowa is funded by the World Bank, who we thank for their support of the Government’s Social Cash Transfer Programme.

By Annette Msowoya

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