The Makileni Household – an example of SCTP success

  • 20th May 2022
  • Category: Impact Stories

Another success story of the Social Cash Transfers Programme (SCTP) comes from the Makileni household in Mombaela village in Dowa district.

Mrs. Makileni and her husband joined the program in the year of 2018. At the time, their household of eight members was suffering from abject poverty, and they were struggling to provide food for the home, let alone send their children to school.

When they started receiving funds from the programme, Mrs. Makileni took some of the money and used it to start a tomato business. After some success, she then developed another business - a chiwaya (street chips) business - which is thriving even today!

Together, husband and wife have been able to build a brick house with glass windows, buy iron sheets for roofing, send two of their children to school, buy a goat and chickens, and open the two aforementioned businesses using money from the SCTP.

The Makileni household are confident that even after their time on the SCTP ends, they will be able to sustain their family from the two businesses they have been able to create through investing cash transfers from the SCTP.

Dowa is funded by the World Bank, who we thank for their support of the Government’s Social Cash Transfer Programme.

By Annette Msowoya

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