GIZ supports programme implementation through capacity building, support to coordination, management, and improved delivery of the SCTP . It also supports the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in implementing the SCTP in a harmonised and effective way; this includes conceptual work in linking the various elements of the SCTP as well as improving the integration of the emergency response components. Finally, GIZ also supports the harmonisation of the operational procedures through the development of the harmonised electronic payment and grievances redress instruments, in addition to the common approach to identifying appropriate beneficiaries and recording them in a single database. 

National Local Government Finance Committee (NLGFC)

The NLGFC are the SCTP policy-holders and therefore play a central role in financial management of the SCTP. Specifically, the NLGFC undertakes the following roles and responsibilities: 

1. Supports and manages funding brought through it from the World Bank in collaboration with the Ministry .

2. Provides support in capacity building and with provision of materials such as laptops, office space or vehicles.

3. Has the mandate to distribute funding that is allocated to the Councils. Additionally, through its financial analysts, the NLGFC goes to the Councils to analyse and see how the Councils are utilising funds.

4. Development of the budget and monitoring the SCTP funds. The NLGFC plays a key role in assisting the Councils develop their budgets.