Recipient Households

Recipient Households

As of September 2022, the SCTP is providing bi-monthly/monthly cash transfers to 297,138 households across all 28 Districts in Malawi, which translates to around 7% of the country’s household population. Within these 297,138 households, there are over 1.4 million household members, showing over 7% of the country’s population benefits from the SCTP.

Please see the breakdown below for the number of recipient households per District, as well as information on donors and whether houses are female headed or not.

DistrictFunding PartnerFemale headed HHsMale headed HHsTotal number of HHs

BalakaIrish Aid7,2493,04710,296
NtcheuIrish Aid3,430
ChitipaGerman Government (through KfW)2,4191,0113,430
LikomaGerman Government (through KfW)15344197
MachingaGerman Government (through KfW)11,0802,25913,339
MangochiGerman Government (through KfW)15,3143,62318,937
MchinjiGerman Government (through KfW)6,8812,5909,471
PhalombeGerman Government (through KfW)6,3501,6487,998
SalimaGerman Government (through KfW)6,2232,177


ChikwawaEuropean Union6,7883,1999,987
MulanjeEuropean Union10,4682,59313,061
MwanzaEuropean Union1,4334261,859
Mzimba NorthEuropean Union3,4951,8355,330
Mzimba SouthEuropean Union5,8043,0548,858
NenoEuropean Union1,5074492,006
NsanjeEuropean Union3,9891,6985,687
ZombaEuropean Union11,7923,78115,573
BlantyreWorld Bank5,6822,3548,036
ChiradzuluWorld Bank4,7341,8016,535
DedzaWorld Bank10,1734,48014,653
DowaWorld Bank10,4237,776
KarongaWorld Bank4,3833,1407,523
KasunguWorld Bank8,8218,35017,171
Lilongwe RuralWorld Bank20,8789,61130,489
NkhatabayWorld Bank6,7165,25411,970
NkhotakotaWorld Bank4,9762,8977,873
NtchisiWorld Bank3,3242,4195,743
RumphiWorld Bank2,2011,4513,652
ThyoloMalawi Government12,3994,08016,479